Our Story

Liberty began in the early 1980's as a mixed quartet consisting of two married couples.  Later, the group became an all male group.  For many years, Liberty traveled with a bass singer and was a quartet, but for the majority of the groups history, they have been a trio.  Today, Liberty has returned to its roots as a Mixed Group.  The group today has 1 charter member - Joey Pirkle - who plays piano.  Ronnie Grizzle joined Liberty in the mid 80's and still travels with the group today.  In addition to Ronnie and Joey, the group is:  Brittany Payne and Michelle Pirkle - Vocals, Darrell Payne and Brian Davis - Band, and David Frix and Tasha Payne who aides the group in many many ways!  .  If you haven't heard Liberty in a while - you should check them out!